All the promoters of events find at Propórtio a strategically made partnership, whose concept of basic build is based on the flexibility to the many kinds of events, combining the modular material with an exclusive line of accessories. With constructive capacity of more than 6.000m², Propórtio co-ordinates and constructs the entire needed infrastructure to the full accomplishment of an event, not only for the person who is organizing the event, but also to the exhibitors and visitors.

Propórtio offers modern and exclusive solutions, with a compatible cost to the reality of the customers’ interests.

Made for those companies that are looking for a differential, combining the rationality of the modular system with the boldness of special constructed complements, with an excellent cost-benefit.

Unique solutions especially developed to those customers who are looking for maximum creativity. In this case, the professionals of Propórtio can explore all the possibilities of lighting, visual communication, carpentry and locksmith services, giving value to the product and to the investment and giving focus to the image of the company in each event.